Chakra Chart (Custom)

Chakra Chart (Custom)

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**Note: The first 4 people to purchase during a livestream will get to see & share their Reiki healing with the community - The remaining individuals will have their Reiki sent privately after the livestream!

Mystique psychically reads your energy and notates your energetic well-being. This custom Chakra Chart includes an analysis of the 7 main chakras in your body and informs you how to get them all into alignment. You will receive this chart via email within 48 hours of purchase. Guidance on how to activate, nurture and heal each chakra will be given.

**You will receive a short distance healing with purchase. Appointment not necessary. A full 1:1 session may be recommended after.

Collect chakra charts every 2-4 weeks to see how your healing is going. 


Key Words:

Underactive - Little energy is flowing through the chakra; Needs activation

Overactive - Too much energy is flowing through the chakra; Needs release

Blocked - Hardly any/ no energy is flowing to the chakra; Needs release/ shadow work

Balanced - Energy is in perfect flow to the chakra; Needs to be maintained