I'm most well known for my special ability to heal thousands at a time through my distance Reiki healing videos. I also study as a Shamanic Apprentice to practice traditional healing techniques from both North and South America. With both Holy Fire III Reiki and Shamanic healing, I am able to use the energy from the Divine and energy from Mother Earth to provide effective and long lasting healing sessions to the world.

As a psychic intuitive, I use my extrasensory perception to spiritually guide and give clarity to others with various divination tools and techniques such as Tarot and Oracle cards, pendulums, crystals, stones, drums, eggs, visualization, and meditation.

It may be difficult to navigate self-healing in the world of modern and New Age spirituality, especially when you don't know who to believe or trust. I believe that both traditional and New Age methods have been proven to work and can be used together successfully to heal one's energy without appropriation or the use of closed practices.

When you decide to work with me (which I hope you do), you can take what you learn and share it with others, so that together we can "heal the world one soul at a time"! 🙏🏽

Trained by Reiki Master Terry Dulin

& Shamanic Healer Rodrigo Duque


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